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 “Human dignity and business performance are not trade-offs. They can flourish together. But, it will require research-informed radical and ambitious changes in how businesses operate, as well as changes in stakeholder mindsets. We invite you all to come together and help us achieve these changes”
Dr. Vivek Soundararajan
Lead, Embed-Dignity

We are a research initiative aimed at embedding dignity in every aspect of an organization (i.e. private, public, and non-government). Dignity is the foundation of human relationships. As such, policies, processes, and practices that shape relationships within organizations and between organizations can ascertain or deny the dignity of individuals. These can have varied positive and negative impacts on individuals, organizations, and the society. 

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Through rigorous and state-of-the-art research, our research initiative aims to understand:

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Dignity-Led Supply Chain Management: A Cross-Country and Cross-Industry Study of Workplace Dignity in Supply Chains

The project aims to change the way labour rights in supply chains are measured and managed by redirecting the attention to workplace dignity (WD) – a fundamental psychological benchmark – defined as a sense self-worth derived from workplace interactions. Violation of WD, by practices like overwork, bullying, abuse, humiliation and poor conditions, is a collective experience for millions of workers in companies’ global and domestic supply chains. Media, civil society and academic reports anecdotally show that there is a connection between a company’s sourcing practices and violation of WD in the supply chain. Thus, besides influencing the lives of workers in supply chains, violation of WD has serious and direct implications for companies’ productivity. It can cause significant negative impacts on workers’ commitment, health and wellbeing with a consequent decrease in supplier performance. 





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