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What happened after the ‘Boohoo Scandal’? A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective of the Garment Industry in Leicester (Feb 2024)

LATEST REPORT This report documents the impact of the ‘Boohoo scandal’ on the community and the garment industry in Leicester from a multi-stakeholder perspective. The revelation of poor and exploitative working conditions in Leicester’s garment factories, known as the ‘Boohoo scandal’ (July 2020), brought the town into the spotlight, garnering attention from the media, the […]

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Challenges and ethics of researching dignity ‘at work’ – by Pankhuri Agarwal

This reflective piece aims to initiate a broader discussion on the challenges associated with researching an abstract term, namely “dignity at work,” when the individuals under study no longer have access to the work being examined. Furthermore, it prompts contemplation on the ethics surrounding the concept of workers’ “dignity in research”.   Exploring the ethics […]