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Job Title: Research Assistant

Duration: July-October 2022

 Job purpose: To assist in conducting fieldwork for a large UKRI-funded project based at the University of Bath, UK. The RA is expected to assist in data collection in South India in the garment and IT industry. The job would fit a researcher or social worker interested in labor rights issues in India.

About the project: The project, co-created in consultation with policymakers, businesses, civil societies, media, and workers, aims to address this need by developing a Dignity-led Supply Chain Management (DSCM) framework, which makes Workplace Dignity central to supply chain management. Using a novel and ambitious research design consisting of interviews, drawings, surveys and field experiments, research will be conducted in two radically contrasting sourcing locations of UK companies (UK and India) and work settings (Information Technology products and services and Textile & Garments.

Here is the website for our research initiative Embed-Dignity

 Main activities and responsibilities

  1. Conduct high-quality interviews and store data confidentially.
  2. Liaise with various stakeholders in the relevant industries to organize meetings and set up interviews as required.
  3. Any other work relevant to data collection.

Person specification


  1. Full-time commitment between July-October 2022.
  2. An undergraduate or master’s degree in political science, sociology, management, social work, or allied disciplines.
  3. Prior experience in using qualitative research methods such as interviews with marginalised and elite populations.
  4. Experience in data collection and management.
  5. Ability to speak Tamil (in addition to English) is necessary.
  6. Good interpersonal skills and communication skills.
  7. Ability to work in a team and good coordination skills.
  8. Flexibility to travel across South India.


  1. Prior knowledge or experience working with the garment and IT industry workers.

To apply: Send a one-page cover letter explaining how you fit the job and a 2-page CV to


Competitive. In addition to the compensation, all travel and subsistence expenses will be provided.

The RA will be offered life-long career support and guidance for their professional development. We are open to discussing the applicant’s expectations from the project in terms of career development opportunities. 


  • We expect to get back with results via email by 31st May 2022.
  • Interviews will be held online on 6th June 2022.

For informal queries, contact Pankhuri Agarwal at


  1. I am interested to joining in this survey to study about this people current situation and rel fact collection..

  2. It’s good for garments industry people..

    1. You can apply as per the details below with a cover letter and CV.

  3. I am interested to join the survey work and collaborate with your team. As it has been planned I will agree to the conditions of the research team. For making the survey meaningfull I will spend the time during survey period fully. I assure you l am capable of doing the work and data collection.

    1. Thanks for your interest, You can send an email to us at and we can take it forward from there.

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